Aging. Biology and Behavior by James L McGaugh and Sara B. Kiesler (Eds.) PDF

By James L McGaugh and Sara B. Kiesler (Eds.)

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And Jones, M. L. (1979) Aging research in nonhuman primates. Pp. 1-13 in D. M. , Aging in Nonhuman Primates. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. Bramblett, C. A. (1969) Non-metric skeletal age changes in the Darajani baboon. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 30:161-172. Crowley, P. , Gulati, D. , Hayden, T. , and Dyer, R. (1979) A chiasmahormonal hypothesis relating Down's syndrome and maternal age. Nature 280:417-418. Cutler, R. G. (1976) Evolution of longevity in primates. Journal of Human Evolution 5:169-202.

In fact, if all of the major killers of human beings today, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, were completely eliminated, only about 20 additional years of mean life-span for the population overall would be gained; and these additional years would be years deeper into physiological old age (Kohn 1978). The aging rate determines the period of good health as well as the period of declining health and has remained constant for human beings over the past 40,000 years or so (Cutler 1975, 1976a).

Elimination or cure of a few specific diseases or organ dysfunctions will have little effect on a person suffering from many more problems. Instead, a more uniform decrease in aging rate throughout the entire body is required to provide a true prolongation of health. In view of the complexity of the aging process, the success in achieving such a uniform decrease in aging rate lies with the possible existence of primary aging processes and/or health maintenance processes that would underlie, as causative agents, the many different age-related dysfunctions (Cutler 1972, 1976a, 1976b, 1978b, 1980a, 1980b).

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Aging. Biology and Behavior by James L McGaugh and Sara B. Kiesler (Eds.)

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