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In fact, they are almost extinct. ) COPYRIGHT © Keith Burgess 2007 All Rights Reserved. ·39· Acti vating 1001 Academic Words for IELTS PART 3 lesson 4: Superwords 121-160 Student A Think through the vocabulary and increase your speaking skills by taking turns at asking and answering these questions. Try to use the lesson words as you answer. 121. Why did the traveller change his mind about changing his money to American dollars, although he was planning to go to America in a few days? ) 123. A stranger just opened her car door and stole the purse containing $100 when she was not there.

With the coming of what? 291. His mother did not recognize her own son when she met him at the railway station. Why? What had radically changed? And give an example. 293. He usually catches the bus at eight o'clock to get to work. Now, the bus company has changed the schedule. The bus will leave at seven fortyfive. For him, what does this mean? 295. He was planning to go overseas to study. He preferred to go to the United States to study rather than Australia, but what were the obstacles? 297. The English Language School had an Open Day.

You are talking to someone who wants alcohol completely banned. ) 113. The rich man was dying and he was sure that he couldn't go to heaven if he owned a lot of property, possessions or money. So, what did he do? ) 115. I'm a hunter and I love shooting ducks. I was always complaining about the law that says I can only shoot them between May and July, until . somebody pointed something out to me. What did he point out? 117. I've stopped watching the news on television, because they summarise reports on subjects such as the debate on dog control or local changes in climate.

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