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By Daphne Kerremans

ISBN-10: 3631655789

ISBN-13: 9783631655788

This ebook offers the 1st large-scale usage-based research of the conventionalization strategy of English neologisms within the on-line speech group. The examine solutions the longstanding query of the way and why a few neologisms turn into a part of the English lexicon and others don't. It strings jointly findings and assumptions from lexicological, sociolinguistic and cognitive examine and supplementations the prevailing theories with novel data-driven insights. For this objective a webcrawler was once constructed, which extracted the occurrences of the neologisms into account from the net in per month periods. The e-book indicates that the several classes conventionalization procedures might take outcome from the interaction among speaker-based sociopragmatic accommodation-induced elements and elements facilitating cognitive processing of novel linguistic fabric.

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In sum, nonce-formations are distinguished from neologisms by a) frequency, b) context-dependence and c) motivation. Thus, functionally, neologisms are words that represent an advanced state of ad-hoc formation in terms of higher frequency, tentative familiarity among the speakers of the language community and stronger context-independence. But what is a neologism in formal terms? And what is ‘new’?  Plag 2003: 52), novel lexical item (cf.  Bauer 1983: 48). A detailed overview of the problematic use of word in linguistics is beyond the scope of this paper.

In certain cases, however, for reasons other than novel concept-formation, an existing meaning can pair with a new form. An example is snowicane. During the harsh winter of 2010 in the US speakers needed a variety of words to refer to the unusual deluge of snow. As a result, several terms like snowicane or snownado were coined successively.  1985: 47-50). He distinguishes between morphological neologisms like snowicane, semantic neologisms that involve semantic transfer such as subprime and morpho-semantic neologisms which pair a new meaning with a new form like detweet.

A rose gun is similar to other garden products such as fertilizer sprays that dispense liquid to improve growth and keep the vegetation healthy. Lastly, the listener also relies on new information not contained in either of the constituent words and thus inferred from background knowledge.  Costello and Keane 2005: 210-212): a rose gun is a tool to dispense insect repellent, the latter aspect, however, is not formally present and only metonymically implied by rose.  2005: 217-218).  Dunbar 2005: 220).

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