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By William Dickinson

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When the watter't, G. tail race of a wheel is flooded the stream above is unable to keep the wheel moving, and the mill is back-watered. A term of G. baggage. reproach to a child or a female ; a dirty baggish I Baggish, Bain, Back the udder of ; Baggin', slate Back ; to treat ' Bag sur- confound to defeat Boucher says, by stratagem. out of health. c. a jesting falsehood, trick, cheat. E. band. a boundary on high and unenclosed land. Band, c. Bandylowe, c. a prostitute. Bang, G. to beat, to excel, an act CUMBERLAND GLOSSARY.

Station. ' Bit thing, N. small and insignificant. Biddable, G. obedient; tractable. Bidden, c. occupied bidden a mort deunn Biddy, louse. o' ; taken. ' time, but a nursery G. a mouthful; He gat a repast. ' c. Bite, bite, a hasty and than Bitter-bump, Mire drum, name for a bittern. This bird rare visitor, and is c. the now a very not known to is CUMBERLAND GLOSSARY. B The writer has a breed here. Blacks, Bladder, in a mild spring evening, about the year 1804, in the mosses of Blake, Arlecdon.

Beel, Yon's a bent flail. , c. Berry, Beek, making purposes; Aa'l bensal berries. hives. w. to heat hazel or other rods to cause them to bend more easily for basket- o' Berries, dress, reaching common ' beat thee. bleak. c. c. Bellis perennis. to beat. c. I'll Bent, streamlet. , Bink, N. , after a while. G. ' Beat inclosing the intes- tines. a baste to o. to Belly rim, N. , membrane did bear. ; Beasst, joint Beur, N. , an obese person or c. Bellican, animal. ' eructation. Between whiles, Atween whiles, G.

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