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The approach of retargeting effector cells through binding to Fcg receptors was also extended to recombinant bispecific molecules. For example, bispecific tandem scFv molecules directed against CD16 and various TAAs (CD19, HER2/neu, HLA class II) have been developed for the retargeting of NK cells to tumor cells (McCall et al. 1999; Bruenke et al. 2004, 2005). Interestingly, in vitro cytotoxicity was enhanced by employing bispecific antibodies exhibiting increased binding to the TAA, either by increasing affinity or the number of TAA binding sites (McCall et al.

J Biol Chem 18:19637–19646 Hartmann F, Renner C, Jung W, Deisting C, Juwana M, Eichentopf B, Kloft M, Pfreundschuh M (1997) Treatment of refractory Hodgkin’s disease with an anti-CD16/CD30 bispecific antibody. Blood 89:2042–2047 Hartmann F, Renner C, Jung W, da Costa L, Tembrink S, Held G, Sek A, K€ onig J, Bauer S, Kloft M, Pfreundschuh M (2001) Anti-CD16/CD30 bispecific antibody treatment for Hodgkin’s disease: role of infusion schedule and costimulation with cytokines. Clin Cancer Res 7:1873–1881 Hayden MS, Linsley PS, Gayle MA, Bajorath J, Brady WA, Norris NA, Fell HP, Ledbetter JA, Gilliland LK (1994) Single-chain mono- and bispecific antibody derivatives with novel biological properties and antitumor activity from a COS cell transient expression system.

Such antibodies do not occur in nature and have been originally developed to improve immunohistochemical staining procedures and immunoassays (Milstein and Cuello 1983; Suresh et al. 1986). Interestingly, the fusion of two immunoglobulin-producing myeloma cells (Cotton and Milstein 1973) was described even before the seminal publication of monoclonal antibody technology (K€ ohler and Milstein 1975). This early experiment showing expression of both parental immunoglobulin genes in the hybrid cell was performed to better understand allelic exclusion, whereby under normal conditions each B lymphocyte produces antibodies encoded by only one of two possible alleles.

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