Murray Bromberg, Melvin Gordon's 1100 Words You Need to Know (4th Edition) PDF

By Murray Bromberg, Melvin Gordon

ISBN-10: 0764113658

ISBN-13: 9780764113659

A Barron's best-seller for greater than 4 a long time, the brand-new 6th version of 1100 phrases you want to comprehend has been elevated and up to date with more--
Word lists and definitions
Analogy exercises
Words-in-context exercises
All new phrases for college kids to profit are put within the context of sentences which were chosen from famous novels, performs, poems, newspaper editorials, and television publicizes. For optimum ease and delight in studying, the authors suggest 15-minute periods with this booklet. through the years, hundreds of thousands of scholars getting ready for the SAT and ACT have trusted earlier variations of 1100 phrases you want to recognize as an effective way to bolster their notice energy. a brand new characteristic within the 6th version is The Lighter contact a hundred, a suite of a hundred humorous one-liners which use phrases from the booklet it is advisable be aware of.

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Agents gathered outside the building. 3. A special management committee was asked to investigate business __________. 4. Orville Wright was criticized for his __________ desire to fly. 5. If I can get my parents to __________, I'll join the Peace Corps. Definitions Match the new words with their meanings. 6. rampant ____ a. secret, undercover 7. inane ____ b. code of principles 8. ethics ____ c. foolish 9. concur ____ d. agree 10. clandestine ____ e. going unchecked, widespread Today's Idiom stock in tradethe goods, tools, and other requisites of a profession A quick wit and a warm smile were the salesman's stock in trade.

Implacable i. poverty-stricken ____ 10. indigent j. to irritate ____ 11. jurisdiction k. violent outburst ____ 12. monolithic l. to end ____ 13. oust m. a likeness ____ 14. paroxysm n. go back ____ 15. reprehensible o. to torment ____ 16. revert p. riotous ____ 17. skirmish q. eject ____ 18. stymie r. small battle ____ 19. terminate s. aware ____ 20. turbulent t. based on whim Idioms ____ 21. cause célèbre u. having a selfish motive ____ 22. one swallow doesn't make a summer v. a humiliating defeat ____ 23.

In the area of vocabulary study, however, the only rule that makes sense to all is that true mastery derives from continuous practice. Match the twenty words with their meanings. Write the letter that stands for the definition in the appropriate answer spaces. ) Review Words Definitions ____ 1. arbitrary a. having a massive structure ____ 2. cognizant b. to hinder ____ 3. effigy c. a conflict, fight ____ 4. exacerbate d. relentless, unappeasable ____ 5. flout e. immediately ____ 6. forthwith f.

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