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By Murray Bromberg, Melvin Gordon

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A Barron's bestseller for years, this publication is healthier than ever in a new fourth variation. as well as its average vocabulary lists, this version contains a new part referred to as landscape of phrases. during this function, all of the 1100 phrases looks in a sentence chosen from between popular novels, performs, poems, or even newspaper editorials and television announces. The e-book is a vocabulary builder aimed without delay at college-bound highschool scholars, in addition to students who want additional vocabulary aid. scholars will locate observe lists with definitions, analogy workouts, pleasing notice video games, and interesting words-in-context routines.

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1. The detective was __________ in his search for the murder weapon. 2. Saying that it was beyond his __________, Judge Klein refused to rule on the case. 3. In a __________ of rage, the tenant stormed out of the landlord's office. 4. The precocious* boy enjoyed an intellectual __________ with his elders. 5. The brash* student was forced to apologize for her __________ conduct. Definitions Match the new words with their meanings. 6. implacable ____ a. a fit, sudden outburst 7. paroxysm ____ b. cannot be pacified, inexorable* 8.

Wasteful b. final c. daring d. unselective ____ 8. BELITTLE:SCOFF::CONSTRUE: a. solve b. deduce c. destroy d. falsify ____ 9. SOLACE:COMFORT::CONDOLENCE: a. wit b. curiosity c. pity d. envy ____ 10. ADROIT:SKILLFUL::AVID: a. strong b. eager c. bored d. worthless ____ 11. RETICENT:TALKATIVE::INTREPID: a. brave b. unending c. desirous d. fearful ____ 12. MUNDANE:WORLDLY::INCONGRUOUS: a. unknown b. hidden c. inappropriate d. wasteful ____ 13. FLAGRANT:OUTRAGEOUS::INEXORABLE: a. unrelenting b. unimportant c.

Quiet 9. sanctuary ____ d. abnormally thin, wasted away 10. ascend ____ e. to rise Today's Idiom sour grapesto disparage* something that you cannot have (from Aesop's fable about the fox who called the grapes sour because he could not reach them) Marcia said that she didn't want to be on the Principal's Honor Roll anyway, but we knew that it was just sour grapes on her part. Answers are on Page 307 < previous page page_46 next page > < previous page page_47 next page > Page 47 2nd Day New Words malnutrition afflict besiege privation sinister Dooley's Mission Aboard the refugee ship, Dooley's destiny took shape.

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